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    LINUS Love.

    At TheLUXURIAN, we're huge fans of a stylish retro city bike, so it's no wonder that we all want a bike from LINUS. Tres chic!

    Inspired by French bicycle design of the 50s and 60s, the geniuses at LINUS have created a bicycle that preserves the simple elegance and pure form of that golden era, but has all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability.

    LINUS is the utilitarian city bike with a personality and style that makes you feel like you’re in an old French movie…you’re floating a little from the wine you drank at lunch…maybe instead of going back to the office you’ll take a nap under a tree, go for a swim in the sea or drop by your lover’s house…

    And ladies, oui, a basket can be attached. Perfect when you want to stowe your lovelies.

    LINUS Bikes, $399-$899;